Capping fees in 2016 are $75.00.  Guests may cap 3 times during any season.

A visitor or guest wishing to hunt with the Tryon Hounds must write or call the Honorary Secretary or a Master to get permission to cap for a specific day’s hunting. Upon arriving at the meet, the rider should be introduced to the Masters and should seek out the Honorary Secretary to present the capping fee in an envelope with the capper’s name and address, and all signed releases. Capping fees may be collected by the Fieldmaster in the absence of the Honorary Secretary.

Members of the U.S. Pony Club and juniors may be excused from capping fees. Juniors desiring colors must subscribe to the hunt.

If after capping three times a rider wishes to subscribe, he should speak to the Honorary Secretary who will forward the information to the Membership Committee. The invitation from the Masters will be received after action of the Membership Committee and Board of Directors.

Subscription fees (annual dues) are due in full within 30 days of receiving the formal invitation. Capping fees paid during the current hunting season will be credited toward subscription fees, provided capping fees have been identified in an envelope with the rider’s name and address.