This Week with Tryon Hounds

Tryon Hounds' Covid-19 Policy

September 23, 2021 UPDATE

Tryon Hounds recognizes the importance of social interaction among members and appreciates that the past year and a half has been challenging.  We have all missed the comradery of breakfasts, parties, and the Hunt Ball.

This season we are resuming a number of our social events and doing our best to meet the ongoing challenges of the pandemic. At every event, Tryon Hounds will follow the Covid-19 requirements established by the state of North Carolina and encourages members and guests to exercise prudent personal responsibility for their health and the health of fellow members.   

Current NC State restrictions and recommendations can be found here:

This update addresses two areas of importance to our members:  using the clubhouse for events and hosting a Hunt Breakfast or other Tryon Hounds social event in private homes...CONTINUED.

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