The history of the American Foxhound began in the early Colonial times (1600 to 1775) when foxhounds were brought to Virginia from England. In 1814, Mountain and Muse were brought from Ireland to improve the American Foxhound.

Today’s American Foxhound is found to be biddable and of good temperament, has excellent scenting ability on good or bad hunting days, and will pursue its quarry with speed and agility. All American Foxhounds, including the Penn-Marydel Foxhound, have the bloodlines of Bywater, Trigg, July, and Walker in common. This breed of hounds was developed to hunt the red and grey fox, and more recently the coyote.

The Tryon Hounds pack predominantly consists of tri-colored Penn-Marydel foxhounds. The pack is bred for ability, biddability and uniformity. Penn-Marydel foxhounds are renowned for their superb noses and musical voices, providing much sport and excitement for the day’s hunt.


"It's all about the chase."