Upcoming Events

All Tryon Hounds Social Events are for Tryon Hounds Members and invited Guests.

Social events complement foxhunting through the season, which begins with informal cubbing in September. Breakfasts and tail-gates are traditional after hunts, as stirrup cups are before. Saturday hunt breakfasts are either hosted by members at the clubhouse or in their homes. Sometimes there are "pitch-ins" to which riders and non-riders contribute to a bountiful buffet at the clubhouse. There are several annual fundraisers and events throughout the year.

Tryon Hounds Horse Show is an annual fundraiser, which is held in the late spring, early summer or fall.

Tryon Hounds Hunter Pace Events test skill and judgment of riders and horses over typical hunting country which is ridden at a “hunting pace” (or hilltopping pace, if preferred) established by the Hunt Staff. Competition is open to non-members, as well as members.

The Puppy Auction is a fund raiser which allows subscribers and guests to bid on unentered puppies in order to win the honor of naming a hound.

The Hunt Ball is the grand event of the season. Attire is formal and festivities include dining, dancing and a silent auction.

Presentation of Hunt Colors is usually presented by the Masters at the Opening Hunt on Thanksgiving Day, and at the Hunt Ball.

Blessing of the Hounds On Thanksgiving Day, the beginning of the formal hunting season, the hounds are blessed by a member of the local clergy, which is followed by prayer and distribution of St. Hubert’s medals.

11-28-2019 Opening Day, Blessing of the Hounds

Thanksgiving Day, November 28th at 10:00 am
Thanksgiving Hill
2921 North Pacolet Road, Landrum SC

DonWest WI 2726


The Blessing of the Hounds, a local Thanksgiving Day tradition for 93 years, marks the beginning of the formal hunt season for The Tryon Hounds. This time-honored tradition is a delight for the whole community - young and old. Spectators will relish in the pageantry of the braided horses and the foxhounds and the riders dressed in formal hunt attire. Men in their scarlet coats and the ladies wearing formal black shadbellies - all with polished boots glistening in the sunlight.

Hot chocolate and spiced, hot cider will be served along with homemade cookies. There will be hunt country calendars for sale. The public is welcome to attend this 30 minute historic ceremony.