JNAFHC Qualifier hosted by Tryon Hounds

All fox hunters ESPECIALLY JUNIORS are invited on Saturday, October 16, 2021, to our Junior North American Field Hunter Qualifier.

We kindly request all juniors who hope to qualify arrive at the Iron Bridge fixture before 7:30 am, and be ready to move off with hounds at 8:00 a.m. The Junior North American Qualifier sign up forms can be filled out in advace or will be available at the meet starting at 7.

Attire: Ratcatcher is requested. Helmets with a harness are required to ride. Guests (Juniors and adults) must bring a signed waivers for Tryon Hounds and NPA waiver from our website.

For more information or if you have questions, please view our flyer or contact Shanna Mauldin (host organizer) at 843.247.7866 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit the JNAFHC website for more information, how to register for this competition, and details on our typical day of hunting: www.jnafhc.com. The JNAFHC finals are to be held at Iroquois Hunt in Lexington, Kentucky, October 28-31. The schedule is designed to accommodate those who must travel long distances and those who wish to come earlier or stay another day to hunt in the Kentucky hunt country. Finals entry forms and waivers are available here.

Tryon Hounds Board of Directors' Report on Membership Survey


The Membership Committee conducted a survey of the Tryon Hounds’ current, past and prospective members in August of last year to gather insights and information on topics the Board identified as strategically important to the organization. The survey initiative was based on the tenet that membership-driven organizations are most successful when their members’ input is valued, and the leadership takes effective action to build on successes and address challenges. The survey established significant data and comment on those subjects and many others.

The Membership Committee prepared its formal report on the survey results to the Board in October. Due to Covid restrictions and scheduling challenges, the Board and the Masters were not able to meet until earlier this spring.  On March 28th, the Board and the Masters met for several hours to review the findings and identify action plans on several key topics including Membership Growth, The Foxhunting Experience, Membership Engagement and Social Events, and Financial Matters.  You may view the full report to the membership here.

The Board thanks the Membership Committee for its hard work to develop and produce the survey. We appreciate the members’ participation to voice their concerns and aspirations about their hunt and we look forward to improving the Tryon Hounds experience for all of our members, staff and volunteers. 

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Time to Schedule Your Hunt Breakfast!

The Tryon Hounds hunt schedule is set to be a big fun one! We are scheduling breakfasts as soon as you select a date and form your group. 

  • Please limit your group to 4 couples (singles can pair up with a buddy to make a "couple".) The September dates are limited to 2 couples or two singles as they are simple to do.
  • The early September dates can be a light breakfast in the field after the hunt. These will start usually by 9-9:30 as the hounds don't stay out long in the cubbing season in the heat. 
  • You may host your breakfast in the field after the hunt or at a location (home, farm, clubhouse  or other location) 
  • You may make the food yourselves or hire a caterer. There are probably other caterers  -  some of the regulars in the past are in alphabetical order tbelow.


Cribbs Catering (864 585 7397 Contact Bekah, Steven or Renea
Amanda Jones (561) 339-0388?
The Hare and Hound Catering/Patti Otto  (864) 457-3232?
Mary Prioleau (828) 899-9699
Rural Seed (Karl) (828) 802-1097
Michael Stahakis  (864) 266-8380?
Pat Strothers (828) 817-0829


Karen Benson  (954) 394-2378? (best to text her for quickest response)
Skip Leck  (828) 817-3140 (calls only no texts)
Most caterers have options also... just ask.

The dates are as below. Please Contact Ivey Sumrell (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 704-516-6518) when you are ready to schedule your breakfast. Please feel free to call and discuss your plans with her 

Looking forward to a GREAT FUN Tryon Hounds Hunt Season! Please organize your group early!

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Tentative 2021-2022 Schedule of Events

Event Dates:  

September 4 – Season Opening “Beach Dance Party”
September 11 - First day of Cub Hunting
October 10 - Fall Hunter Pace (10/17 rain date)
November 6 - Barn & Art Tour
November 25 - Opening Day - Thanksgiving Day Pitch-in
December 18 - Christmas Hunt Tea and Party
March 19 - Last day of Hunting
March 19 - Hunt Ball
April 3 - Spring Hunter Pace (4/10 rain date)
April 23 – “The Traditional Tryon Brunch” at TRHC Hunter Derby                   

Game Nights:

July 6 - Mexican Train Night
August 10 - Trivia Night
September 14 - Bingo Night
October 12 – Dice Games Night
January 11 - Card Games Night
February 9 - Word Games Night

Tryon Hounds and Foothills Humane Society Announce Partnership to Rehome Retired Foxhounds

Tryon Hounds is proud to announce the formation of a new and unique partnership with Foothills Humane Society to work together on the important mission of rehoming retired hounds. (Please see our new website, www.homewardhounds.org)

Through Tryon Hounds' Homeward Hounds training and socialization program, our retired hounds will be prepared for the transition from pack life to family life.  

As graduates of the Homeward Hounds program, our hounds will be offered for adoption through Foothills Humane Society. Look for them on the FHS website and during the popular Sunday Stroll feature of the FHS Facebook page.  

We are grateful for the opportunity to benefit from the experience and social reach of FHS for the management of the adoption process.  

Together we are working to find wonderful forever homes for these special animals. 

Please read the full joint press release here.


Ready, Set, Go!

The following paperwork must to be sent to Roberta McKinney, Tryon Hounds Honorary Secretary, BEFORE the first day of hunting.

  1. Tryon Hounds release. Please initial each of the first 3 pages and sign and date the 4th page.
  2. Greenspace of Fairview release (there also is a link to Greenspace of Fairview Medical Release for minors riding without a parent)
  3. NPA release
  4. Golden HIlls release
  5. Copies of both NC and SC hunting licenses.
  6. Copies of negative coggins for all horses you plan on hunting this year.
  7. All juniors must have both parents read; sign and fill out all three releases!

20 Sandwich Lane
Campobello, SC 29322

Home # (864) 457-5497
Cell # (864) 580-9457 |