News from the Board

At the 2024 Annual Meeting of Certificate Holders, the following slate of officers and directors were elected.

President Jeanne Ahrenholz
Vice President Jon Napper
Treasurer Tom Eizember
Secretary Alison Smith

Karl Alexander
Alex Goins
Piper Close
Susan Haldeman
Gisele O'Grady
Shanna Mauldin

Additionally, we said thank you to Jenny Taylor for her 3 years of service on the Board.

At the Board meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting, the Board unanimously voted to appoint Masters Bonnie Lingerfelt, Nelson Minnick and Jim Ritchie for the 2024-2025 season.

News from the Board

At the Annual Meeting of Certificate Holders, it was announced that Dr. Dean McKinney has decided to step down from his role as MFH of Tryon Hounds. Dean has served Tryon Hounds for 16 years as Master and many more before that as president, officer, director, field master, trail clearer and jack of all trades. We will miss his leadership and years of experience, but don’t count him out. He will still work with THs as whipper-in, occasional field master, trail clearer and jack of all trades - and we will still have the pleasure of watching him gallop across the countryside!

Thank you Dean for your many years of great service to Tryon Hounds!

Additionally, we said thank you to Karen Graham for her 3 years of service on the Board, and we welcomed Piper Close and Jon Napper to the board for new 3 year terms!

At the Board meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting, the Board unanimously voted to appoint Mr. Jim Ritchie as the newest MFH of Tryon Hounds. Jim has been a member of Tryon Hounds since 2019, was awarded colors and came on the board in 2020, and served as Vice President in 2021 and 2022. He and his Cleveland Bay, Statesman, ride in first flight (which Jim has led from time to time.) He grew up showing hunters in Virginia and rode with the Greenville Hounds prior to joining Tryon Hounds. Please join us in congratulating Jim on this honor!

The Board looks forward to working with Masters Bonnie Lingerfelt, Nelson Minnick and Jim Ritchie for the 2023-2024 season and beyond.

Tentative 2023-2024 Schedule of Events

Our Social Committee has been hard at work, and is pleased to announce the following schedule of events for the 2023/2024 Season.

September 9 – First day of Cub Hunting
Setptember 9 - Kick Off Party at Thanksgiving Farm
October 8 – Fall Hunter Pace (RD October 15)
November 4 (RD November 11)  – Barn & Art Tour
November 23 – Opening Hunt & Blessing of the Hounds
November 23 - Thanksgiving Pitchin at the Clubhouse
December 17 – Holiday Party & Gift Auction
March 17 – Last day of Hunting
March 23 – Hunt Ball at The Piedmont Club
April 7  – Spring Hunter Pace (RD April 14)
April 21- Spring Fling

Tryon Hounds Board of Directors' Report on Membership Survey


The Membership Committee conducted a survey of the Tryon Hounds’ current, past and prospective members in August of last year to gather insights and information on topics the Board identified as strategically important to the organization. The survey initiative was based on the tenet that membership-driven organizations are most successful when their members’ input is valued, and the leadership takes effective action to build on successes and address challenges. The survey established significant data and comment on those subjects and many others.

The Membership Committee prepared its formal report on the survey results to the Board in October. Due to Covid restrictions and scheduling challenges, the Board and the Masters were not able to meet until earlier this spring.  On March 28th, the Board and the Masters met for several hours to review the findings and identify action plans on several key topics including Membership Growth, The Foxhunting Experience, Membership Engagement and Social Events, and Financial Matters.  You may view the full report to the membership here.

The Board thanks the Membership Committee for its hard work to develop and produce the survey. We appreciate the members’ participation to voice their concerns and aspirations about their hunt and we look forward to improving the Tryon Hounds experience for all of our members, staff and volunteers. 

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Tryon Hounds and Foothills Humane Society Announce Partnership to Rehome Retired Foxhounds

Tryon Hounds is proud to announce the formation of a new and unique partnership with Foothills Humane Society to work together on the important mission of rehoming retired hounds. (Please see our new website,

Through Tryon Hounds' Homeward Hounds training and socialization program, our retired hounds will be prepared for the transition from pack life to family life.  

As graduates of the Homeward Hounds program, our hounds will be offered for adoption through Foothills Humane Society. Look for them on the FHS website and during the popular Sunday Stroll feature of the FHS Facebook page.  

We are grateful for the opportunity to benefit from the experience and social reach of FHS for the management of the adoption process.  

Together we are working to find wonderful forever homes for these special animals. 

Please read the full joint press release here.