Master of Foxhounds/Joint Master of Foxhounds

In charge of all hunting activities. All matters pertaining to the actual sport are subject to their direction.

The Board of Directors

Manages the business and affairs of the Corporation. It consists of six board members and four officers.

Honorary Secretary

Collects capping fees, maintains necessary records, and may be in charge of the hunt in the absence of the Masters.

The Huntsman

Hunts the hounds in the field. She is also responsible for care, feeding and breeding of hounds, and for their training.


Assist the Huntsman in the control of the hounds. No one, except by request of the Huntsman or a Master, should accompany or attempt to assist a Whipper-In.

The Road Whip

Assists by vehicle, and is responsible for watching the roads for game or hounds, warning traffic, searching for lost hounds and collecting any hounds that may become injured. All car followers must take direction from the Road Whip.


Rides at the head of the Field and is responsible for the pace and conduct of the riders.


The Field is the group of people riding to hounds excluding staff. Riders are expected to adhere to the rules of good sportsmanship and to the rules of foxhunting etiquette and attire as directed by the Masters.

Hilltop Fieldmaster

Leads the second Field and is responsible for the pace and conduct of the riders.

Hilltop Field

Adheres to the same rules and customs as the first-flight Field, and is responsible to the Hilltop Fieldmaster. This Field consists of people who do not wish to jump the large obstacles or maintain the speed of the first flight field throughout the day.