We hosted 115 riders and made over $4000 for our beloved hounds.

The big winners were: First place In the Field Hunter division: Marcia Headrick and Richard Neel and Erin Fletcher and Forrest Samuels in the Trail Riders division. Taking top honors for the Tryon Hounds member with the best time was Carolyn and Tom Cadier in the Field Hunters division and Becky Barnes and Beverly Ozmon in the Trail Riders division.

The Pace Event would not have been successful without leadership of our wonderful co-chairs Master Louise Hughston and Nelson Minnick and the help of 15 volunteers: Michael Axelrod, Tom and Joleen Eizember, Skip Leck, Bonnie Lingerfelt, Milton Mann, Morgan Clemetson, Dean McKinney, Reed McNutt, Wes Moore, Anne Pierce, Paula Stathakis, Jim Sumrell, Don West, and Pam Minnick. THANK YOU! And, thank you to the Hare and Hound for helping to round out the menu with the delicious potato salad.

With the generous help of our volunteers and the Event Timer, Joey Cabiness', amusing quips for each team as they prepared to leave for the trail, a fun day was had by all!