Dear Tryon Hounds Members:

This is going to be a historic year! We are welcoming our new Huntsman Beth Blackwell who has seventeen years under her belt as staff, and we are celebrating 90 years of foxhunting! That is quite an accomplishment for our organization!

Cubbing is right around the corner and Sept 10th will be here before you know it! Therefore I am requesting that all Riding Members start now getting your paperwork organized for me as I need it BEFORE YOU CAN MOUNT YOUR HORSE IN THE FIELD.


You can click on the Tryon Hounds link below and then click on "Download Forms and Links" to get everything you need!!

Landrum Hardware sells SC Hunting Licenses and Silver Creek Campground in Mill Springs sells NC if you like getting them the old fashioned way. Be sure to carry them along with a photo ID every time you hunt as it would not surprise me if we get checked this year.

1. Tryon Hounds release. Please read and initial each page and sign and date the last. Many of you miss the initialing of each page.
2. Greenspace release
3. NPA release
4. Copies of both NC and SC hunting licenses.
5. Copies of negative coggins for all horses you plan on hunting this year.

This is very important! All juniors must have both parents read; sign and fill out all pages of the Tryon Hounds release, the NPA release, as well as the Greenspace release!! (There is also a special medical release for Greenspace Junior Riders.) Please be sure if you are bringing out a junior anytime this year to plan ahead and get both parents initials and signatures on all releases.

Call me with any questions about this, as it is crucial and we must encourage as many young people as possible to come out and fall in love with the sport of foxhunting to sustain this time honored tradition.

Social members and guests can cap three times a year and our Capping fee is $75.00 and will go towards a riding membership.

Please feel free to call me; my address and phone numbers are listed below. There will be a box on the front porch bench if you want to drop it off in person, or you can put it in the newspaper holder at the base of our driveway. Our dogs names are: Sandy, Cosmo, (two Standard poodles), Bizzy the Jack Russell, and Ocean the retired foxhound.

Or please mail to: 20 Sandwich Lane Campobello, SC 29322 I can't wait for our new season to begin with our new Huntsman Beth Blackwell, as it is going to be an exciting and awesome year!!

Respectfully, Roberta

Honorary Secretary
Home # (864) 457-5497
Cell # (864) 580-9457