The Hunt Breakfast is the social fabric of our hunt club. They are held during hunt season on most Saturdays beginning the first week of October. Hunt Breakfasts are for Members of Tryon Hunt and their guests.

If you are interested in hosting a hunt breakfast for the 2017-18 hunt season please contact: Ivey Sumrell This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 704-516-6518.

November - Hunt Breakfasts start at noon

November 4 Gowensville/Fredericks Field - Brandon/Parton, Kathy Gruhn, Shelley and Karl Alexander, and Kate and Joe Manno at the Brandon/Partons
November 11 Walnut Creek Preserve - Pitch in in the field
November 18 Field Hunter Championships/TIEC No breakfast
November 19 Sunday Fairview/Grain Bins - Towles and John Napper, Anne McIver, Ivey and Jim Sumrell, Louise Hughston, and Don West at the Nappers
November 23 Thursday Thanksgiving Hill - Opening Meet and Blessing of the Hounds
November 25 Long Shadows - Hosted Hunt breakfast at Stone Ridge by the Hoffman Family/strong>

December -  Hunt Breakfasts start at 1:00

December 2 Gowensville/Cothrans Field - Brenda and Jim Cox-Sinclair, Lydia and John Kolbas, Joleen and Tom Eizember, and Erin O'Dwyer and Ken Feagin at the Cox-Sinclairs
December 9 Jackson Grove - Guy and Lisa Spriggs & Sue and John Haldeman at the Spriggs
December 16 Long Shadows (Christmas Party at the Club House - no breakfast)
December 23 Fairview/Grain Bins 
December 26 Boxing Day/Thanksgiving Hill  - celebrate Boxing Day in the British tradition with a Boxing Day Party at the Taylors Thanksgiving Hill Farm
December 27 Three Springs Farm Junior/Pony Club Hunt  - Ivey and Jim Sumrell at their home with Thann Boyum, Bette and Milton Mann and the River Valley Pony Club families
December 30 Gowensville 

January - Hunt Breakfasts start at 1:00

January 1 Jackson Grove/New Years Day 
January 6 Fairview/Born Free - Martha Hall, Peter Shanahan, and Larry  Wassong at the Clubhouse
January 13 Tyger Ranch - Pitch In in the field with Anita Williamson bringing the Soup of the Day
January 18-Sun 21 Belle Meade Performance Trials (no breakfast)
January 27 Thanksgiving Hill/New Subscribers Day - Jenny and Alan Taylor, Candy Clapp, Nelson Minnick, Ken Feagin, and Jane and Mark Eden at the Taylor's Thanksgiving Farm

February - Hunt Breakfasts begin at 1:00

February 3 Tyger Ranch - Pitch In in the field with Anita Williamson bringing the Soup of the Day
February 10 Fairview/Grain Bins -  Lucy and Tim Brannon and Tara and Drew Brannon at Brannon's Blackberry Hill Farm
February 17 Vic Russell's  - Wendy Wipperman and Tom Kaufman, Janet and Stu Cummings, Joleen and Tom Eizember at the Clubhouse
February 24 Long Shadows - Hunt Ball - No breakfast

March - Hunt Breakfasts begin at 1:00

March 3 Tyger Ranch - Pitch In in the field with Anita Williamson bringing the Soup of the Day
March 10 Fairview/Born Free - Kim and Christian Oliver, Amanda and Ian McDonald, Cindy and John Boyle at the Olivers
March 17 Iron Bridge Closing Meet End of the year party